• Picturesque Karavas beach. In the background Zephyros Hotel, which operated in 1974

  • Karavas

  • Lemon flowers

  • The ruins of ancient Lambousa and the small harbor with its fishing boats

Note from the Mayor of Karavas

In 1974 Turkey found an excuse and invaded Cyprus, stepping its foot first on one of the most beautiful coasts of our Municipality. She looted our land, desecrated and destroyed our temples, usurped our properties and forced us away from the houses where we, our parents and ancestors lived. Since then, we have been forced to live away from our beloved town of Karavas.

This Karavas is portrayed in this small photographic album. Its land and history, its neighborhoods and churches, its evolution and progress… and what has remained of it. So that those who have never seen it, learn about Karavas and so that we, the natives, keep its memory alive. To also show that we have a very ancient history, homes and neighborhoods, schools and churches cultural heritage and tradition, that we have a historic Municipality, that is alive, but enslaved and waits.

It awaits from us the Resurrection.



Years of illegal Turkish occupation




Missing / Dead

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