Karavas is comprised of four neighbourhoods/parishes; Pano Gitonia, Exo Gitonia, Petrogitonia and Agios Andreas. Administratively, each neighbourhood is considered to be a Community and therefore has its own Community President and Council.

Pano Gitonia was built on the site where the old mills were located, near the natural spring “Kefalovrysos”, or “Palia Vrysi” (Old Fountain), around a green valley with huge plane and pine trees. Petrogitonia, or Kato Gitonia as is also known, lies between the mountains and the sea. Rich neoclassical houses are found in this neighbourhood. Exo Gitonia extends to the west side of the town. A few years before the invasion the “Ais Andrias” parish began to develop on the east side of Karavas, built near the ruins of the deserted chapel of Agios Andreas.