The first thoughts of founding the Association occurred on the 28th of April 1984, during a small gathering attended by the following, among others: Chr. Papapavlou, Takis Kalimeras, S. Florides, Rikkos Mylonas, G. Andreou, Dinos Apostolides. The participants unanimously decided to establish the Lapithos, Karavas and Environs Association.

A meet-and-greet dance to become acquainted was held on the 30th of November 1984, during which Nicos Karaviotis (son of Leonidas Karaviotis) along with his band entertained all those who attended.

The first charter assembly was held on the 21st of April 1985 at the Edison Centre and the Association’s first board of directors was composed of the following:

Chr. Papapavlou (chairman), Nicos Kallis (vice-chairman), T. Kalimeras (general secretary), A. Yiannakou (general organising secretary), G. Andreou (treasurer), and N. Apostolides, Savvas Demetriou (Churchill), R. Mylonas, S. Papaxenophontos, S. Siakides, Margarita Souratou Hadjiserki, A. Socratous, Panayiota Florides, S. Florides, Giorgos Christodoulou Solomou, and Eleni Aristotelous (members).

Activities of the Association

Among other events, the association has organised a exhibitions of popular art, handcrafts and embroidery, originating from the occupied towns of Karavas and Lapithos.

The Association responds positively to many requests to help co-villagers, as well as compatriots who urgently need financial assistance.

The contribution of the Association in the national issue and the struggle of Cypriot Hellenism for freedom and justice is always its primary aim.

With the initiative of the Association, informative leaflets for the Cyprus problem were printed, with press cuttings from 1974 newspapers and other material.

In the context of the Association’s efforts to maintain the memory of our occupied towns and strengthen the ties between overseas Karavas and Lapithos people who live in Great Britain, the association organises the “Lemon Dance” every year. The first dance was held on the 4th of October 1986 and  was very successful. At such events, the participation of overseas Cypriots is very touching, as the lemon has become established in everyone’s heart as the symbol of our homeland that reminds everyone of the serene green valleys of Karavas and Lapithos.

The Association maintains close relations with the fraternal refugee associations of Cyprus, Karavas and Lapithos, as well as the Municipalities of the two towns.