The Athletic Union of Karavas was founded in 1957 by a group of young citizens who wanted to create a pure athletic club putting aside any political beliefs and differences.

With the help of its pioneers, Costas Pikrallidas, Andreas Kozakos, Costas Patsalis, Demetrakis Aspris, Yiannis Kouvakas and Costas Flouris, the club held its constitutive assembly on May 2, 1957 at the First Urban School of Karavas. There, the club was given the name “A.E.K”. At the assembly there were about 50 people present. The first elected members of the temporary Board were Demetrakis Aspris, Andreas Kozakos, Costas Pikrallidas, Costas Patsalis, Costas Flouris, Yiannis Kouvakas and Andreas Iakovidis.

On September 8, 1957 a broader general assembly was held at the club’s premises (Paraskeva Spanoudis’ coffee shop, opposite the First Cooperative Grocery store), where representatives of both already existing athletic clubs (Karavas Youth Union and Aris Sports Club) were present. Those present, verified the establishment of the new Club and proceeded to dissolving the two existing athletic clubs, providing at the same time all their tangible and intangible assets to AEK. One of the major acts of the Club’s statute stated the prohibition of any political involvement. The official members of the first Board of Directors were Demetrakis Aspris (president), Andreas Kozakos, Costas Pikrallidas, Costas Flouris, Kyriacos Kozakos and Georgios Tsialia (members).

The leading figure of EOKA in the district of Kerynia, the golden Eagle of Pentadactylos, Kyriacos Matsis played a significant role in achieving the merging of the two clubs. From its foundation and onwards, the Club took part in every athletic, spiritual and artistic event organized in Karavas and the area of Kerynia. AEK managed to promote athleticism and gradually proceeded to creating departments dedicated to football, basketball, table tennis and classical athletics.