The Cypriot association of Karavas people living in Australia, named “Lambousa”, was established on the 6th of February 1987.

The main aims of the association are enhancing of relations between all the Karavas people living in Australia, maintaining the cultural heritage of Karavas and strengthening the struggle of the people of Cyprus for return and justice.

The association’s first board of directors comprised Soterakis Sofos (chairman), Maro Gemetta (vice-chairwoman), Eleftheria Laouta Hadjistefanou (secretary), Stavros Anastasiou (treasurer), Solomos Spyrou (assistant treasurer), and Pavlos Komodromos and Elias Agathangelou (advisors).

In the context of its activities, the association developed a fruitful presence. Among others events, gatherings are organised on Easter Monday, where all the Karavas people with their friends spend a pleasant day, with reminiscence of the good old days in our Karavas. Every year, the “Lemon Dance” is held, a traditional Karavas event, which is always a great success. This event gives the opportunity to many co-villagers to get together and update their news. The association has also set up a children’s choir, in which the children of our overseas compatriots gladly participate, feeling a special pride for their origin.