Since its formation into a body, Karavas School Board has set the struggle for liberation and return to our homes as its primary aim. It organizes a series of events in order to bring the people of Karavas together, to preserve the memory of the town alive, to strengthen the relations between the people of Karavas and “recruit” them in the struggle for return to the mother land.

The School Board undertakes the difficult task of tracking lyceum graduates hailing from Karavas from all the lyceums of Cyprus and creating a record with their personal data. The School Board keeps a record of all graduates (those who have stated that their parents are from Karavas) from the academic year 1993/1994 until today.

The School Board’s main event is held in honor of Karavas high school graduates, that is, those who graduate from lyceums in Cyprus and have one or both parents originating from Karavas. This event is organized in cooperation with the Municipality of Karavas and Karavas Refugee Association.

Another important event organized by the School Board is that in honor of the Karavas lyceum graduates who have excelled. The event is organized in cooperation with the Municipality of Karavas and the Nikos K. Shiacolas Scholarship Foundation. During the event, the School Board awards full scholarships for university studies as well as small cash rewards to graduates according to specific criteria. The scholarships are awarded using the funds left to the School Board by Georgios Tsimon, after his death.

On top of that, the School Board, in cooperation with the Kyrenia Bishopric and the other District School Boards, holds an annual memorial service to honor the teachers, former school board council members and benefactors of the Greek schools of the Kyrenia district, who fell during the Turkish invasion or died with the desire to return to the mother land. During the memorial, a speech is given by a representative of the District School Boards.

The cooperation with all the organized groups of Karavas is undisputable. The chairman and members of Karavas School Board attend and/or participate in all cultural and social events, held by the organized groups of Karavas.

The School Board is determined to carry on the important task that has undertaken: to preserve the memory of Karavas alive and to strengthen the desire to return to the beloved town of Karavas, under conditions of security, freedom and respect of human rights.

Correspondence address:
Karavas School Conservancy
POBox 27547, 2430 Nicosia